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Do NOT back down.

by grahamallen

Right now if there is one thing that the culture wants you to do, it’s back down. Whether it’s the cancel culture or the attack on who we are as a country it’s important that we do not cower to what the culture is trying to make us say, think and feel.

Standing your ground isn’t just important to the safety and preservation of America, it is the MOST important to what life looks like in the beautiful country and what it will look like for generations to come.

Our brave Founding Fathers planted their beliefs in the idea that freedom, liberty and justice were something that didn’t just sound nice, but it was worth dying for. They knew that the value of their ideas wasn’t just about the lives that they were living but that they were invaluable and a necessity for the American people.

In the 1800s, a group of brave men and women of ALL nations knew that the Founding Fathers of our country believed ALL MEN were created equal, so what did they do? They stood their ground so that every person who lived in America was also entitled to the liberties that our Founding Fathers put in place.

Even in WWII, a foriegn evil which stood in the way of the peace of our world had to be put in check by the brave Americans whose conviction gave them the power and courage to stand in the name of peace, love and patriotism. In doing so they did not cower or back away from the growing evil of Nazi Germany and instead America was the country who did not back down and saved the world as we know it.

Right now we are at a similar crossroads to all these circumstances. Whether it be the rise of socialism, the attack on our faith and families or the growing tyranny in the government, we must stand our ground. I know I will, but will you?


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