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Serving and Protecting Your Enemies…

by grahamallen

Ever wondered what it’s like to serve, protect and work for the people that want to spit in your face. Just ask your local police officers.

Possibly the WORST thing to happen in 2020, was the unwarranted attack on America’s law enforcement. After weak leadership allowed a bunch of punks to riot and loot their cities, those who actually HAVE to enforce the law were villainized for doing their job.

This is far from a partisan issue. We are talking about men and women, all races, all religions, any political party who have sacrificed their time, their safety, sometimes even their families safety to make sure that you and me can sleep safely at night.

Even after ALL their sacrifices, this toxic culture we find ourselves in seeks to demonize them and cancel their EVERY move. It’s absolutely disgusting.

I don’t think people understand that those in law enforcement could’ve done anything. They could’ve been doctors, professors, ANYTHING but they gave up that higher paying and safer job so that they could protect us and ensure that law and order actually EXISTS.

To those in law enforcement who might be reading this, thank you. You aren’t told that enough. Your dedication to the communities we live in isn’t appreciated enough. We owe every bit of our safety to you. Again, thank you.

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