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Silence is Violence!!!

by grahamallen

There is nothing more irritating than being told your so-called “silence” on a subject is violence. I don’t agree with that AT ALL! However, to the media companies that intentionally suppress people for their beliefs, that is truly a VIOLENT act to our country.

Think about it. Polls are coming out saying that the election could’ve swung the other way IF voters had known about a CERTAIN handsy, senile and creepy old candidate whose name rhymes with Moe Jiden’s corruption and sketchy foreign business deals.

INSTEAD, of reporters doing their actual job and REPORTING the things that were going on, they decided to suppress it so they could pass their OWN agenda. This is scary and literally VIOLENT to our democracy.

It’s one thing to cover up old stories that candidates have apologized for or gaes that may have gone too far. (That’s unfair but not as big of a deal.) It’s a HUGE DIFFERENCE when the media won’t report CORRUPTION or even threat’s to our nation’s SECURITY!!!

Don’t you think voters deserve to know that?!? Don’t you think that some Americans deserve to know if they are electing a compromised candidate?!? If so, you must agree with me. Suppressing the stories in the media is VIOLENT to our COUNTRY!

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