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What 9.12 Means to Me.

by grahamallen

9.12 is more than just a day, it’s more than my company, it’s more than 3 numbers and a decimal, it is my mission. Just like any other mission I wake up daily and ask myself “did I live like it’s 9.12” today? If I didn’t have to work harder to live like it, why do I do this? Because America NEEDS it.

9.11 was arguably one of the worst things to EVER happen to this country, but on the other hand 9.12 was one of the BEST things to ever happen to our beautiful country.

9.12 was a day of shock, awe and unity. People wanted to do something, people wanted to contribute. Some joined the military and served our country, others scrambled to nd a way that they could contribute to the good of our country. This generated the most unprecedented unity that our country has ever seen.

People dropped everything they were doing and bought American ags, met and connected with their neighbors, their goal was to come together as a country and they didn’t let every politics, religion, etc. come in between their goal to unite our country.

We need more of this. We need Americans that want to unite under the common goal which would be AMERICA. That’s why I named my company after it, so that every day I can wake up and set a goal to live like how we were on 9.12 when we selessly focused on furthering the better of America. Our Founding Fathers would’ve done the same, so why wouldn’t we?


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