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America Starts Small…

by grahamallen

After the riots at the Capitol I realized one thing. We have been going about this all wrong.

I don’t care what party alignment you are, Americans should never feel like our only option is to storm the Capitol. We have to nd REAL and TANGIBLE solutions.

I can’t help but think we played into the democrats hands. They wanted to poke us until we exploded with rage. Like a powder keg.

We have to be smarter than that. We can’t fall into any political traps if we want to sustain American ideals and conservative thought.

So where can we start? Well, America ALWAYS starts small.

It’s how our founders made our country. So when a tyrannical government steps into play Americans have a local and personal government that steps up to bat for them.

Congratulations you are free from tyranny. As long as you ght for it in the right ways.

Here’s a pretty good example. Want to know how to start? Start with your Sheri’s oce.

The government can say whatever they want but it’s up to the Sheri’s department to actually enforce that. Let me tell you this. It’s a heck of a lot easier to win a Sheri’s race than a Presidential race.

Fight for your local Representatives, both federal ones and state ones. Make sure those are the ones who are actually standing up for you.

Now, I realize door-knocking and making campaign calls might not be as “sexy” or “glamorous” as going out and protesting your government but I can promise you, if you care about making ACTUAL change, that’s where you start.

It’s not easy either. I know.

It’s not easy to make calls to people over the phone and ask them to vote a certain way. But I PROMISE YOU this style of advocating can be much more eective, especially during an election cycle.

Here’s an idea. When the government tells you you can’t go to church. GO TO CHURCH.

I promise you, the Constitution of the United States of America will ALWAYS protect you for that. Plus, it is WAY EASIER to beat a legal case of being arrested for going to church than a legal case of storming the Capital of the United States…

One of the most brilliant masterminds behind strategy like this was in fact Martin Luther King Jr. His ideas for ghting for American freedom pioneered political strategy during the Civil Rights Movement.

Instead of inicting violence upon the government, he put the government on display. He held up the government’s injustices and inaccuracies to the Constitution and told the nation, “THIS IS WRONG”.

Guess what happened? The American people listened, they agreed, they watched.

On the other hand you have someone like Malcom X, who fought for freedom with violence and instigation and it was NO WHERE CLOSE to being as eective as Martin Luther King Jr.

My point is we have to think. We have to be smart.

Not so that we can just bend the knee and let democracy go down the drain, but so that we can aect ACTUAL change.

So that we aren’t stuck banking on one leader in the oval oce but hundreds of them in congress.

So that our Governors actually stand up for American values and not their own power.

We have to come to grips with the fact that it’s time we start working smarter. NOT HARDER.

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