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Biden Admin. Calls for “Meaningful Dialogue” After Chinese Aggression

by Graham Allen Team

Shortly after President Biden took office, over two dozen Chinese dispatched raids, and bombers flew into Taiwanese airspace.

This intentional military maneuver alarmed the higher-ups in DC and the rest of the entire free world.

Technically, China’s capital, Beijing, still claims Taiwan as its territory. The Chinese government consistently vows to force the country to assimilate into the Chinese Communist Party.

Taiwan is the closest democratic country to China, and this show of aggression conveys the Chinese Communist Party has no intention of backing down to their war against democracy.

The State Department issued a statement calling for the Chinese Communist Party to “cease its military, diplomatic, and economic pressure against Taiwan and instead engage in meaningful dialogue” with Taiwan.

It doesn’t seem that the Chinese Communist Party intends to engage in any peace talks or diplomacy, especially if it includes “meaningful dialogue.”

Sunday’s exercise of power is the twentieth instance that China has engaged in an aggressive act against Taiwan in the past month.

The continuous patterns of these military engagements do not seem to be slowing down but only increasing.

The US government has reaffirmed its commitment to defending Taiwan and protecting them from any threats of attack. However, China’s aggression seems to be picking up since the Biden Administration took the White House.

The USS Theodore Roosevelt entered the South China Sea to display military dominance and send a clear message that the South China Sea is still part of international waters, even if Beijing thinks and acts otherwise.

Reports show that President Xi of China told his military to “be ready for war at any second,” which has left Japan and Taiwan in a stir of panic.

Although Xi rarely tested Trump, Xi is undoubtedly trying to test President Biden to see what kind of push-back will occur in response to China’s latest aggression.

These tests are one instance of many that the Chinese Communist Party is now warming up to the Biden Administrations’ response to their aggressive behavior.

The past four years, President Xi and the Chinese Communist Party faced severe backlash from the United States government if they acted out of turn.

If provoked, the Trump administration frequently applied tough sanctions and tariffs to combat Xi’s regime growth. It is unclear if the Biden administration will apply that same pressure or stick to the “meaningful dialogue” approach that was previously stated.

If China’s military acts continue, the United States will have to prepare to defend Taiwan. As history has shown, regimes that provoke war repeatedly tend to get what they ask for.


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