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Director Gina Haspel of the CIA Silently Leaves Her Ground-Breaking Position

by Graham Allen Team


On January 19 at 1:30 pm, Gina Haspel announced that after 36 years of service, she will be resigning from her historic leadership position as the Director of the CIA.

Haspel was the first female Director of the CIA and has been yet another trailblazing breakthrough in gender barriers that the Trump Administration made in the four years of its tenure.

Since President Trump appointed Haspel back in 2018, she conducted her job by avoiding the limelight as much as possible. Gina Haspel gave little to no press conferences and spoke publicly on very few occasions.

In a statement she made on Twitter Haspel said, “​ It has been the greatest honor of my life to lead this remarkable organization … I depart deeply proud of the work we have done together — the triumphs we have achieved, the threats we have overcome, and the investments we have made for the future.”

During her time in the CIA, Haspel faced criticism due to her involvement in CIA torture programs during the early 2000s. Haspel was chief of a CIA

black-site location in Thailand where she instructed “enhanced-interrogation” methods underneath the George W. Bush Administration which likely sparked the backlash.

Haspel didn’t just catch backlash from the media she and President Trump butted heads many times during his last year in office.

Haspel intentionally blocked the declassification of key documents related to the 2016 Election cycle and the assessment of Russian interference. This information would have been important for the American people to see because it displayed the exoneration of President Trump and would have destroyed the narrative that the media attempted to demonize President Trump with for four years.

Haspel’s silent and sudden resignation left many people surprised. Gina Haspel also canceled the foreign threat assessment briefing, the cause of that is unclear at the time of writing this report.

Sudden resignations are not new to the CIA, the last CIA director to resign in such an abrupt manner was David Petraeus. Petraeus, unlike Gina Haspel, left the position as Director of the CIA due to his involvement in an extramarital affair.

It is clear that the clock had been ticking for some time for Haspel’s position as the Director of the CIA after sources claim that she had resisted Trump’s late appointment of Kash Patel to the position of Deputy Director of the CIA. Other sources claim that Haspel had prepared for the harsh reality of being fired by President Trump at any given time during her final months in that position.

The Biden Administration has shown an abundant amount of signs that they intend to reinvent their own national security team that would look very different from the Trump administrations.

Biden has recently tapped William Burns to be his next director of the CIA. Burns is a seasoned diplomat and a former ambassador to the Russian Federation and the country of Jordan.

During William Burns’s time in the foreign service, he received some criticism after spending a career of diplomacy with the likes of countries like Russia, Iran and is reported to be in “the driver seat” of many hot topic negotiations. He is also credited with facilitating the creation of the infamous Iran Nuclear Deal.

The Iran Nuclear deal was penned on the 14th of July in 2015, before the United States’ withdrawal on May 8th of 2018. President Donald Trump at the time called the Iran Nuclear Deal “horrible” and added that it was not a “lasting solution” for peace.

As Haspel’s resignation was announced it will be interesting to see the way that the Biden Administration transition into the and international affairs. A lot more to come and many positions are certain to change.


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