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Donald Trump Left a Note for Joe Biden

by Graham Allen Team


In a final gesture to the incoming President Joseph R. Biden, Donald J. Trump has left a note to his successor.

The transcript of the note has yet to be revealed although, several media outlets have taken the liberty to generate s parody of what they believe was on Trump’s note to Biden. Many of the parodies mocked the personality of Donald J Trump and his many accomplishments during his four-year span of the presidency.

While mainstream media outlets spend their time berating the President on his continuation of at minimum this one tradition that happens during every peaceful transition of power.

Former President Barack Obama famously left a note on the Resolute Desk four years prior wishing President Trump “good luck and godspeed.”

Obama’s speech continued and read, “Congratulations on a remarkable run … Millions have placed their hopes in you, and all of us, regardless of party, should hope for expanded prosperity and security during your tenure.”

When it comes to the actual content that President Trump has written to Joe Biden in the note, officials have declined to release the words that Donald Trump chose to write. It can be

assumed that President continued this Presidential tradition with cordial words instead of what the mainstream media has chosen to depict.

The 2021 take on the inauguration has changed several inaugural traditions which have been annexed considering the state of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year there will be no inaugural ball nor will there be a Presidential luncheon that usually tends to follow the swearing-in ceremony.

Another tradition that has seemed to also be a victim of the pandemic’s version of the Inauguration is the Inaugural Parade.

Entitled, the “Parade Across America” the virtual parade will consist of celebrities, athletes, comedians and other notable names alike.

Some of the featured guests include, Tom Hanks, Olympic Figure skater Kaitlyn Saunders, Jon Stewart and even Nathan Apodaca. Apodaca, also known as DoggFace, is known for a viral 2020 video of him drinking cranberry juice while skateboarding and listening to Fleetwood Mac.

This parade will intend to be quite different from President Trump’s inaugural parade which famously honored the military branches of the United States of America.

It is a stark contrast of Donald Trump’s parade of military strength and American pride compared to Joe Biden’s parade which intends to entertain its audience on the day of his inauguration.

While many traditions have been cut out of this peaceful transition of power, President Trump’s decision to leave a note for his successor is certainly a step in the right direction considering the animosity between Donald Trump and Joe Biden during the campaign season.

If there is an update to come on the note that President Trump left for the incoming President it most likely will be announced at this afternoon’s first White House Press Conference for the Biden Administration.


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