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Federal Judge Foils Biden’s Immigration Plans

by Graham Allen Team


As of Tuesday, a federal judge has temporarily blocked President Biden’s goal to end deportations for 100 days.

The judge blocked the Biden Administration after the State of Texas filed a lawsuit about the policy. The case puts a 14-day hold on Biden’s policy.

While Biden’s policy allows those suspected of having operated in terrorism or in surveillance against the United States of America to be deported, the lawsuit claims it is not strong enough.

The lawsuit in Texas claims that Biden’s policy violates an agreement with the Department of Homeland Security. This agreement states that an approach like Biden’s needs 180 days’ notice, consultation, and more before it could change immigration policies so drastically.

The federal judge found this claim credible and put an immediate two-week halt before the policy could progress.

Fox News also discovered that over this past weekend, an email was sent last week which called for ICE officers to “release them (illegal immigrants) all, immediately,” and it called for a stop to “all removals.”

The halt of deportations took effect last Friday, but as stated earlier, it is currently on pause.

Biden’s administration plans to announce more information about their immigration policies and more on February 1.

President Biden has already had a progressive first few days. It’s clear that as time goes on, his immigration policies will be even more detrimental to Trump’s past four years.


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