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Israel Faces Backlash After Donating 100 COVID Vaccines to Palestine

by Graham Allen Team


Twitter users attack the Israeli government after they donated 100 COVID vaccines to the Palestinian Authority in what they called a “humanitarian gesture”.

The controversy between the vaccine exchange stems from a long history of war and land negotiations between the Israeli state and the Palestinian Authority.

The Palestinian Authority had previously requested for as many as 10,000 doses of the COVID vaccine that Israel has now successfully distributed to more than 20 percent of its own citizens.

Assistant Editor of The Gray Zone News, Benjamin Norton, called the gesture of 100 COVID vaccines a “marketing ploy” of the “Israeli apartheid regime.”

Although the Palestinian Authority has sole control over their own Ministry of Health which normally would handle vaccine negotiations with companies like AstraZeneca, Pfizer or Moderna it appears that they preferred to go directly to Israel for aid.

This call for aid comes after an extremely volatile year between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. In 2020 alone the Palestinian people attacked the country Israel almost 150 times with rockets.

Less than a month into the year of 2021 and Israel has already seen at least two rockets attack from the Palestinian Territories which landed in the Israeli city of Ashdod.

Most of the attacks were intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system but shrapnel and minor explosions left several Israeli citizens injured.

It’s no wonder that the Israeli government would only give 100 doses of a COVID vaccine to the enemy who has attacked their citizens throughout the year.

Even without the vaccination help from Israeli it seems hard to believe that the Palestinian Authority would not be able to afford their own distribution of vaccines considering the large amounts of humanitarian aid that is donated to these regions.

Between 2014 and 2019, the State of Qatar donated a whopping $1 billion to the Palestinian Authority for infrastructure and stipends to poor Palestinian people.

In August of 2018, even the United States Government cut $200 million of tax payer money to fund the Palestinian Authority for humanitarian purposes. Any funding over $60 million was eventually cut due to the fear funding the Hamas-ruled terrorist regime in the Gaza Strip and other Palestinian Territories.

It’s clear that the Palestinian Authority certainly has the funding to generate an infrastructure to house vaccination to their citizens although most of that funding seems to end up in the hands of Palestinian “defense” and “security.”

Gerald Rockenschaub, who works with the World Health Organization’s envoy to the Palestinians said this past Sunday,“The Israeli Ministry of Health indicated they would explore this option, but were currently not in a position to supply vaccines because of a shortage of vaccines in Israel.”

While Twitter users may attack the country of Israel for their stance on donating vaccines to a government that attacks them, the Israeli government seems to be focused on their own citizens first.

For now, it looks like the Israeli government will continue to treat the citizens of their own country before they treat those who are launching rockets at them. Obviously, this is neither cruel nor unwarranted considering that the Palestinians have yet to try and work with Israel on anything other than when they need help.


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