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Joe Biden’s Problematic “Dark Money” Record

by Graham Allen Team


Inside President Joe Biden’s record-smashing $1.5 billion in campaign funds was a historic $145 million in “dark money.”

“Dark money” refers to political contributions given by undisclosed donors.

These “dark” contributions typically make their way through politically active non-profits or shell companies that donate to political super PACs.

By law, political non-profits are not required to disclose their donors, which can lead to funding coming from unknown areas.

While the law requires super PACs to disclose donors, these shell companies that make contributions can lead to dark funding when the money can not be traced.

The left has condemned this practice for many years but doesn’t hesitate to break their own rules when they deem it necessary.

Part of the Biden Administrations’ reform plan is to ban the dark money outlets that helped get him elected.

President Biden intends to ban certain (most likely conservative) non-profits from spending money in elections and require any group spending more than $10,000 to disclose their donor’s identity.

The $145 million the Biden campaign received broke the previous dark money record of $113 million previously held by Mitt Romney in the presidential race of 2012.

Dark money tends to be used to finance TV and online advertisements long before the election was in sight and could potentially have amounted to far more than $145 million.

Such record-breaking amounts of dark money in Biden’s campaign contributions could lead to ethical and moral dilemmas between Biden and his voters.

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