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Left-Wing Media Silent About Leftist Terrorists

by Graham Allen Team


Just one weekend after Joe Biden takes office, the leftist protestors known as “ANTIFA” continue to riot and pillage America.

Sunday evening of January 24th was a day filled with Antifa destroying storefronts, smashing cars, demanding prisoners’ freedom, and calling for the death of law enforcement officers.

The clash occurred just a forty-minute drive south from Seattle in Tacoma, Washington.

Left-wing outlets and media groups continue to downplay the existence of these riots and have even called it “violent activism.”

The result of downplaying these riots unintentionally instigates the rioters to continue.

These radical believers intend to fight loudly and violently until their calls for communism, anarchy, and lawlessness are fulfilled by the current democratic government.

With pipes, crowbars, and empty trashcans, the group of 150 “activists” took hold of an intersection where they lit fires and burned American flags.

While there were no severe injuries, the group did surround a police vehicle and bombarded it with punches. The officer involved in the incident was forced to drive through the crowd after giving multiple warnings.

There has yet to be a statement made by the Biden Administration, as they intend to focus mainly on White Supremacist terrorists’ crimes and not the ones in their party.

The staff of the South Sound 911 eventually had to be evacuated due to the growing attack and violence that Antifa was generating.

Antifa’s mob strolled past houses and neighborhoods, shining lights into homes and calling on the homeowners by chanting, “Out of your homes, and into the streets!”

As the night raged on, many members of Antifa dispersed in an attempt to evade their own arrests.

Reporters on the scene report that having a camera made them a target of the violence.

The members of Antifa organized this domestic terrorism and violence through the use of social media and Facebook groups.

This hypocrisy comes fresh off the heels of Donald Trump’s ban from social media while the big tech companies seem to do little to nothing about this group.

Donald Trump, who committed no attack or violence, was banned from Twitter and big tech because of what they deemed instigation of the Capitol riots.

While big tech might hold Donald Trump to a specific standard, it’s clear they do not do the same to actual and real domestic terrorists.

This riot is not the first outbreak of violence with this group, and it’s sure not to be the last as they seem to be unsatisfied with the democratic leaders that come from their party.


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