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My Newest Venture…

by grahamallen

If you’ve been following me for a while you know two things, I love America and I love doing things. Okay, let me clear it up for you. That might be too vague.

When I say I like doing things, I mean I like working to get something done. I don’t know, maybe it’s my American DNA.

This time around I decided to combine my love for America and my love for doing things and I combined them like never before.

Loving America isn’t just for the social media following. It’s for the community. The tight knit folks that don’t care about where I’m from or what I do. They care about who I am as a person.

Since moving to the Upstate of South Carolina I truly have had those kinds of people around me. One of which is our incredible Sheri Chad McBride.

The Lord has gifted me with many incredible opportunities but he also instilled a deep sense in me to always give back to the community. Not just the social media community but also the one that my family works in.

The community that we go to church in. The community that has been with me through my ups. And the community that has been there for my not-so up moments.

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I felt like I was being called to serve, but this time in a dierent uniform. As much as I like wearing the camo, I think a LEO uniform looks just as good on me!

Just kidding.

But in all seriousness. In December of 2020 I had the rare and extremely high honor and privilege of joining my local Sheri’s reserve department.

I’m sure you have probably noticed but my life is slightly crazy. Whether it be traveling across the country to speak. Bringing my audience the truth in rants of me yelling at my phone.

Attempting to build a business that provides patriotic apparel to ALL freedom loving Americans. Starting a foundation full of events and meetings.

Doing live interviews on news networks. Or even the time that it takes to study the politics in America so that we can bring you a successful show. My life can be busy.

Above all of those things, serving in the Sheri’s reserve department has been one of the most rewarding and fullling parts of my life.

As crazy as my life gets, it pales in comparison to those who ght on the front lines of America’s battle with law and order. Their lives and sacrices are priceless to the infrastructure of our country.

It’s the late patrol nights that we have to help with domestic abuse cases. It’s the part of serving your community even if your community hates you. These are the things that remind me daily how fortunate we are.

I have the highest privilege to serve in just a small portion of this area. These brave men and women go to battle each night with evil. They do their very best just to restore the good that our communities need so badly.

I am thrilled. Privileged. Excited. Honored. And humbled. To have the chance to serve alongside such brave men and women. I promise that I will do all I can to repay each and everyone of them for the sacrices that they make daily.

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