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Should we form a new party?

by grahamallen

The Republican party is going to look a bit odd in the next coming weeks. In fact, I would go ahead and argue that the Republican party might not be the same one that we are usually used to anymore. So, where do we go from this?

Well, it’s easier said than done. If the Republican party were to split from the RINOs and the other side which are the TRUE patriots, it would automatically divide the votes and make it close to impossible to win an election.

If we have two candidates that are similar but not in the same party, half of republicans will go one way and the other half to the other candidate. Meanwhile, the democrat in the election will walk away with a totality of their parties votes and take the election altogether!

This CANNOT happen! So, here’s what we know.

The lazy, stagnant, quiet, complacent, and PUSH OVER republican party is not something that we as AMERICANS can afford to go back to.

Our country can’t just sit idly by as the Chinese Communist Party sleeps with our congressmen.

Our country can’t just sit in ignorance while the democratic party slowly inputs socialism into our CAPITALIST country. We no longer can afford to be weak.

Wherever the conservative party goes, these are the reforms that we NEED.

We HAVE to keep big tech in check. We are always going to lose EVERY SINGLE ELECTION as long as our party is censored. Scandals on the other side will be covered and fake slam pieces about conservatives are going to be pumped throughout the silicon valley algorithm as long as we let them do it!!! It has got to stop.

Second, we have to bring GOD back to the center of our party. Weak republicans, weak christians have just let the government tell them that they’re no longer allowed to worship our Lord and savior! Are you kidding me!?!? Do you think that Jesus would have socially distanced from us when he came down to save us. The answer is no.

Jesus came to earth SPECIFICALLY to die for us. And some of you pansy Americans are scared that you might die from going to church and getting sick. It’s sad honestly, have some freaking courage America.

Lastly, we have to gut ALL corruption in our government. Without Trump in the White House the swamp is going to try to eek itself back into every crevice of our government and it will fall back into the hands of evil. The swamp wants one thing. Lawlessness.

If the swamp succeeds, law and order will be a figment of our imagination, it will be the end of America as we know it. We do not even have a choice, we MUST stand up for law and order, for justice, for truth and ultimately for our country.

The future is uncertain for the Republican party. Honestly, I don’t know where it will go, but I do know this one thing. America will prevail. Evil never wins. We as conservatives just need to find the right mission, the right platform to fight for America and operate that way.

I’ll leave you with this one last thing, the future of America lies in the hands of the conservatives. We know what the socialists, democrats and communists want to do with America. It is up to those who are willing to stand up for our constitution, our freedoms, and our country. Those are the people that will save America and those are the people that I want to align with.

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