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The Democrats Are Next…

by grahamallen

It feels like everyday now there’s a new form of censorship coming down the pipelines of Big Tech.

Ahhh, remember the days of being fact-checked. Those LITERALLY were the good ole days. The only thing we had to worry about was a little side note on our posts that tried to tell us we were wrong.

I put a strong emphasis on the word TRIED. Why? Because once upon a time I was fact-checked for a freaking MEME.

Needless to say, that was an absolute BREEZE compared to the full on censorship of any conservative voice. Now we deal with bans, blocks and much much more.

Here’s the thing. EVERYONE should be worried about this. And I mean EVERYONE.

Yes, including the infamous wicked witch of the west coast, Nancy Pelosi. In fact ALL Democrats should be worried. Because guess what, they are next.

They can laugh at us now and sit back in their ivory castles but social media censorship is legitimately a bipartisan problem.

What happens when Joe Biden isn’t woke enough for the culture?
What happens Chuck Schumer no longer appeases the cancel culture crowd? What happens when Big Tech FINALLY realizes that government help is a LIE?

These are all legitimate questions. We live in a society right now that is always trying to out-woke each other.

The scary thing about out-woking each other is that no one will ever be woke enough. It’s an endless self consuming the disease that the left is worshiping right now but at some point it might turn against them…

Just the other day I read an article about the D’amelio family who is literally famous for dancing on Tik Tok. Well, apparently the father of the D’amelio’s ran for office and he’s not a Democrat.

BOOM. A media storm hit the family calling for them to denounce Trump and pretty much all conservative values.

Why is that even necessary? Let people believe what they want to believe. Is that not the tolerance that the left claim to preach???

The time is ticking for the Democrats. As long as Alexandria O’Crazio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar and the rest of their woke warriors continue to cancel everyone that doesn’t meet their sensitive standards, everyone, and I mean everyone will fall short of the cancel cultures ideals.

That’s why Big Tech censorship should be freaking ALL Americans out. We’ve got to figure out a way that limits the power of Big Tech so that America is no longer feeling the threat of this toxic culture.

If every leader in America is governing based on fear of the culture, what kind of country are we even apart of?

The government needs to step. We need something that actually protects the freedom of speech, and we need it to be bipartisan. It shouldn’t be that big of a deal to regulate an industry that could overthrow our government in a heart beat.

It might sound nice that the Democrats are getting a free pass from it now but I can assure you, they are next on the chopping block….

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