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The FULL story of Nine Twelve United being censored….

by grahamallen

Guess what guys, Patriotism will get you censored.

Believe me, I know. Bizarre right??? The fundamental things that actually CREATED our country is being the go-to thing that is censored these days.

Many of you I’m sure heard me rant and berate the censorship of my pro-American company but do you know the full story? If not, buckle up because it’s about to go down.

Let’s dial it back to the very beginning. August 2020.

In August we started making the final concepts of all that 9.12 was going to be. The mission behind it and the goals that the apparel would have. Our goal was pretty simple.

Unite the country as AMERICA like how it was the day after 9/11. We are a pro-AMERICA brand, that’s it. Period.

Let me make something ABUNDANTLY clear right now. Being pro-America and being pro-American government is TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. It’s not about all the politics, it’s about the AMERICAN PEOPLE.

UNFORTUNATELY, being pro America IS political these days…

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic a lot of bad has happened. People have lost their lives and that’s a tragedy. I won’t negate that. However, one of the biggest ATROCITIES that has happened is the encroachment on the freedoms of the American people throughout this time.

Now, being “pro-America” in these circumstances means being pro-American business. We felt compelled as a company to generate some sort of branding so that people could take a stand against the shut down of American businesses which is crippling our economy.

So we made the “MAKE US” shirt.

Make us isn’t about violence, it isn’t about anything bad at all. It’s our battle cry.

To the government that tells us to close our business: Make Us. To the government who tells us we can’t worship: Make Us. To the government that is stepping on our freedom: Make Us.

That’s about as AMERICAN as it gets folks!

Welp, after we made that shirt and launched it MARK ZUCKERBERG tried to rip it down! But, Facebook did it strategically. Right where it hurts a business like us.

What makes a business run? ADVERTISING. Well, Facebook ended up not blocking our profits or anything but instead made it so that we are BANNED from advertising.

Technically, we can appeal it but LORD KNOWS that would take ages and by that time the design may no longer be relevant. It’s literally a death blow to our company.

I decided to try to make this a win for us though. I went on Fox News with Pete Hegseth and told everyone about this story. The story behind the shirt and the punches that we are getting for it RIGHT NOW.

I don’t want this to be a thing that our company gets rich off of. We aren’t trying to profit off of the American people like the government does.

I decided that the best way to ensure that is to give 25% of ALL profit made from the shirt goes to Dave Portnoy’s Barstool Fund. This fund has raised over 20 MILLION DOLLARS for small American businesses who have been forced to shut down under the tyranny of “our” government.

These businesses are the one who hold our country’s backbone together. It just feels right that the profits should be going to them.

The support for the shirt since the launch has been overwhelming. People are in LOVE with the idea of standing up for AMERICA for FREEDOM and opening up our businesses!

Remember it’s never been about the money or any of that. It’s about the American people. The ones who are fighting to stay afloat. It’s about a government who is giving them the middle finger and tossing them $600 like that will do ANYTHING.

It’s about American values. It’s about saying if you want to take our freedom, you are going to have to MAKE US.

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