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The Left Distracts with FEAR.

by grahamallen

Gun control has been bickered, quarreled, debated, argued and discussed with what now feels like SINCE THE DAWN OF TIME.

Everyone knows that conservatives are in favor of the constitutional freedom to bear arms and the left is basically anti the rights that the founders gave to YOU AND ME.

At the point we are at today the argument just should be OVER.

But which side is correct? Which side is the most in touch with reality? I have a feeling you might like my answer…..

The left argues that the only way to ERADICATE gun violence in the United States is by tightening restrictions and taking your guns away. The numbers they use tends to linger around 40,000 deaths attributed to gun violence. Which frankly, might be a little daunting.

Through the use of numbers, the left can strike FEAR into Americans across the nation. This FEAR they create makes citizens unintentionally commit an emotional bias.

This emotional bias and FEAR based rhetoric then leads people to advocate for tighter restrictions. We have seen the left use numbers like this to demand action out of people just like with the pandemic.

Now don’t get me wrong, one death is too many, BUT .008% of people are victims of these atrocities. Many fall victim to self-inflicted gun wounds which is A LOT different than.

Being careful is always one thing, but living a life of unreasonable fear is ridiculous and unnecessary. THIS is the emotional bias I was talking about.

Leave the guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens. America should shift their focus from the lifeless piece of metal we call a “gun” to the USER.

We must focus on the mental health of the man or woman wielding that gun. This is all possible without the government RIPPING the freedoms of everyday Americans who frankly just want to protect themselves.

Don’t you think if the government put the correct amount of focus on the mental health of the country this would DRAMATICALLY decrease the self-inflicted gun violence deaths????

Don’t you think if the government didn’t force people into their houses for months and months on end like it’s jail that would improve mental health???

Don’t you think if the government let people open their businesses and not suffer under the tyranny of this government-inflicted economy meltdown mental health would suffer less???

Don’t you think if our government put A LOT more focus on our veterans who are being POORLY treated mental health would be FAR BETTER than it is RIGHT NOW???

Don’t you think if our government helped get rid of the OPIOID crisis in America mental health would get better???

Don’t you think that if people were allowed to go to church and worship GOD mental health would improve EVEN MORE???

If you are anything like me and think any ONE of those things would be better for our country than taking a FUNDAMENTAL value of our country away from everyday law abiding citizens…

I’ll leave you with one nal point. Don’t let the left’s FEAR mongering distract you from the REAL problem.

The REAL problem is that the American government and mainly the left are focused more on taking your rights away INSTEAD of instituting the CHANGE that our country ACTUALLY needs.

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