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The War On The Filibuster

by Graham Allen Team

Among many progressive things on President Biden’s agenda lies the growing call to abolish the filibuster.

Though the democrats may have control of the Oval Office, the House of Representatives, and mostly the Senate, one thing stands in the way of Biden steamrolling his agenda. The filibuster.

A filibuster is a tool in the United States Senate often used to delay or obstruct votes on a bill.

In layman’s terms, Senators can use filibusters who disagree with a bill, so they continue a debate’s dialogue enough to delay the bill’s vote.

When a filibuster is presented, it takes 60 votes from the Senate to end the bill’s debate.

With the gridlocked Senate that we currently have today, it seems almost impossible to get a bipartisan vote to end the debate of a bill.

While the Democrats may have the majority in the Senate, if the republicans filibuster bills, it could delay the wishful Democrats’ agenda.

Abolishing the filibuster would almost certainly create a path to victory for each bill that the majorities want to pass.

The filibuster is the only hope that the Republicans have in preventing Biden’s administration from effortlessly passing their agenda.

Rumors have swirled that Biden may attempt to end the filibuster to pass his entire agenda within the next four years.

As of now, two Democrats have told Mitch McConnell that they would not seek to end the filibuster, and the votes will remain intact.

Any sudden shift in these votes could result in Biden having full access to the Senate, as well as the rest of Congress and his office.

While the filibuster may seem to be a small bylaw included in the way the United States Senate, it is the most critical thing to Republicans and Democrats right now.

Though the Senate is currently in a power-sharing mode because of the gridlock, it is hard to imagine the Democrats will not attempt to press their agenda as hard as they can.

A spokesman for Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said, “We look forward to organizing the Senate under Democratic control and start getting big, bold things done for the American people.”

If votes change and the filibuster is abolished, the United States could be very different from what we know of it today.

It seems like the Democrats will focus on abolishing the filibuster to consume as much power as possible.

One thing is sure; the filibuster will remain at the center of the battle between Democrats and Republicans for the next four years.


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