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Vaccine Plant EVACUATED Due To Bomb Threat

by Graham Allen Team

On Wednesday, a bomb disposal unit was mobilized to a COVID-19 vaccine plant after a suspicious package arrived.

Wockhardt UK operates the factory in Wales, UK, where vaccines reach their final step of putting the contents into vials, syringes, and then packaging.

This specific plant manufactured vaccines for the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. AstraZeneca entered a deal with Great Britain to provide 100 million doses of the vaccine, all of which are developed by Oxford University.

Little information has come out about the bomb threat itself as the investigation is still ongoing.

The company working to produce AstraZeneca’s vaccine said that they had received a suspicious package, and the authorities were “immediately notified.”

Wockhardt UK has also said that the workers’ safety is their highest priority, and they are evacuating the facility until a full investigation has occurred.

The plant said in a statement, “Upon expert advice, we have partially evacuated the site pending a full investigation. The safety of our employees and business continuity remain of paramount importance.”

Police local to the area confirmed that a bomb squad was on site and told the public to avoid going to that area.

Local authorities released a statement saying, “We are currently dealing with an ongoing incident on the Wrexham Industrial Estate.”

The story is ongoing, and more updates are sure to come as the investigation continues.

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