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What would’ve MLK thought about cancel-culture…

by grahamallen

It’s no secret that Martin Luther King Jr. did a lot for our country. He pioneered the Civil Rights movement in the most brilliant ways.

Not only was Martin Luther King Jr. able to fight for Americans but he did it in peaceful ways and he did it under the pretense of love and not hate.

When the injustices that happened in the Civil Right’s occurred it may be an American gut reaction to fight back. BUT, Martin Luther King Jr. fought back with love not hate.

Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t seek vengeance, he sought justice, and that is what made him so successful. His goal wasn’t to ruin his enemies (even though many times they deserved it), his goal was to prove that ALL of humanity was created equal.

I want to share with you all my favorite Martin Luther King Jr. quote RIGHT NOW. I believe it is SO applicable to the culture that we find ourselves in today.

“Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that.”

I think these words could not be used more than they could right now. Martin Luther King Jr. knew that if he fought hate with hate, the result would basically just be more hate.

If you try to fix division, hate, cancel culture and the rest of the awful things in the world your only result will just be more of it!

If you don’t think so look at the rest time and history. When has hate created less hate. NEVER, it NEVER DOES.

But if you combat hate with love, it would ultimately prove the hate to be wrong.

For instance, look at Malcom X. During the Civil Rights movement injustices were happening there is no doubt about it. Malcolm X responded WAY differently than Martin Luther King Jr..

Malcolm X used the injustices he saw as an excuse for revenge. He committed many many crimes that ultimately resulted in what? More hate.

Martin Luther King Jr. on the other hand, fought hate with love.

Instead of retaliating he showed unity. He put on full display to the country and to the media that justice was not happening and it was in fact unamerican.

Martin Luther King Jr. never acted out in retaliation instead he was able to cross examine his life with the Constituion of the United States of America and prove something very important.

All men are created equal.

For the liberals crying because I just wrote that YES men means mankind. Notice that Martin Luther King Jr. says, “created equal.”

We are created equal, since the time we were in the womb that is the creation of mankind’s equality.

Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t want compensation, he didn’t want handouts, and above all he didn’t want violence.

He wanted America to live up to the words that he read in the Constitution. Martin Luther King Jr. was able to accomplish it too, all because he chose to fight with love and not with hate.

When the left sees things they think are wrong they cancel people. They ostracize them from society and find every way to get them fired, disowned and ruined.

As Americans we need to live more by the words of Martin Luther King Jr. Hating is a losing battle. Hating is not a good argument. But responding with kindness and love will ALWAYS be victorious.

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