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Why Donald J. Trump is the BEST President our country has EVER SEEN.

by grahamallen

Donald Trump is getting his name slandered EVERYWHERE now. In fact I just went on to Google to look at articles about this AMAZING President and at least two pages of it were negative before I found something remotely positive. It’s almost become a trend in the media to hate Donald Trump.

America have we FORGOTTEN? Have we forgotten some of the incredible and groundbreaking things that our President has done in just FOUR YEARS!?!?

Yes, yes we have. So here I am to remind you all what he has done. I am going to cover in this article everything he has done to help you and me and even those people that hate him.

If you know any crazy liberals, go ahead and share this with them and I bet you my bottom dollar that if Obama did a fraction of this they would be proud of it. Anyways, let’s get started. Get ready to make people mad because I am about to present the truth.

First, Donald Trump didn’t take a penny of taxpayer dollars. Instead of taking the salary that most Presidents have taken, he gave ALL OF IT to the American people.

Second, Donald Trump created 4 MILLION JOBS for America! People often say that the President can’t “create jobs”, welp, HE DID. His trade deals brought jobs right to the USofA.

Third, unemployment hit an ALL TIME LOW. Not in 49 years has the economy been so booming until now. A huge part of this is the marginalized communities. Donald Trump brought historic job growth to minority groups like NEVER BEFORE.

Fourth, Donald Trump put more money into YOUR POCKET. By lowering taxes and gutting the red tape of government regulation Donald Trump was able to make the median income of each American higher than it has been in a LONG TIME.

Fifth, our President combated the war on drugs like never before. He secured more funding for the Opioid crisis and lowered the prescription of high dose and HIGHLY ADDICTIVE drugs by 16% in just his first year.

Tired of winning yet? Nope. Hang in there we got a way to go.

Sixth, we now have not one, not two, but THREE, freedom loving and constitution following Supreme Court justices on the bench. I can’t stress this enough that these people will be the fighters of FREEDOM for many many years to come.

Seventh, we moved the embassy to Jerusalem. Israel is the only thing standing in between Russian-Syrian dominance in the Middle East and it was about freaking time we treat them like it.

Eighth, Donald Trump pioneered a much needed wall on our southern border which has helped stop drug tracking, child enslavement and cartel movement. He got a lot of flack for this stance but it was SO NECESSARY. It was never about race, culture or beef with Mexico, it was ALWAYS meant to be a deterrent against our war with the cartel.

Ninth, President Trump suckered punch the evil dictators of Asia. He actually got North Korea to talk at the negotiation table. Not to mention he fought China like no President has ever before. The trade war with China brought the American economy $59 BILLION in exports just this year.

Ten is a nice round number so I think we ought to stop there.

FINALLY, President DONALD JOHN TRUMP brought a vaccine. Coronavirus was a complete disaster to the economy that Trump built. Fortunately he was able to wrangle a vaccine and bring it in RECORD TIME. That’s historic no one has ever done that before.

I’ll go ahead and leave it there. Share this with your friends and keep this close. People are going to try to tell you that Donald Trump is the worst ever. It’s just not true. Tell all the haters to read it and weep. This is just a scratch on the surface of Donald Trump, truly one of the greatest Presidents of ALL TIME.

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