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You Won’t Believe How Much Taxpayers Pay 9/11 Mastermind…

by Graham Allen Team

Fox News is now reporting that the U.S. government spent around $170 million to house the man behind the 9/11 attacks.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who was captured in 2003, has confessed to being behind the 9/11 attacks and other terror attacks over the years. Mohammed is held in the infamous U.S. naval base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

However, the prison in Guantanamo Bay is becoming one of the world’s most pricey prisons.

There is no confirmed amount spent on each prisoner in Guantanamo Bay, but NPR estimates it to be around $10 million and the New York Times reports $13 million per prisoner each year.

At that number, the U.S. taxpayer could have spent a minimum of $170 million on keeping this mass murderer safe in prison.

Guantanamo Bay currently houses around 40 inmates, which could add up to be quite the bill for American taxpayers.

Since Guantanamo Bay’s birth, it has cost U.S. taxpayers $6 billion despite only finalizing one conviction.

In a 2013 Defense Department report, the estimated cost per prisoner was only $2.7 million. While this is still expensive, it is far cheaper than the almost $10 million more added to the price.

Costs of the prison include charter planes to and from the island. Many of these planes carried very few passengers.

Fox News says that taxpayers pay for “hundreds of thousands'” of federal devices that get destroyed after leaking classified information each year.

There is also speculation that Pentagon-employed defense attorneys could cost $500,000 per year plus an additional $60 million in other legal costs.

A Navy lawyer and defense attorney at Guantanamo Bay told the New York Times it is “America’s tiniest boutique prison, reserved exclusively for alleged geriatric jihadists.”

This kind of price tag makes the taxpayer wonder why we continue to fund such evil criminals?

While many have tried to close the prison down, no president or lawmaker has found success.

When the New York Times reported that it could cost $13 million a year per prisoner, then President Trump said, “I think it’s crazy.”

“Look, President Obama said that Guantánamo Bay would be closed, and he never got it done,” Trump continued.

The Obama administration attempted to shut Guantanamo Bay down but was rejected by Congress.

Congress found moving the 40 inmates to United States soil irresponsible and did not pursue dissolving the prison.

In December’s 2019 debate, Biden said, “You have to have congressional authority to do it. They’ve kept it open, … it is an advertisement for creating terror.”

It is unclear whether the Biden Administration intends to shut down the prison or not. However, he will need congressional approval to do so.


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