Home Politics BREAKING: Dana Perino BREAKS DOWN on Fox News

BREAKING: Dana Perino BREAKS DOWN on Fox News

by Graham Allen Team

BREAKING: Dana Perino BREAKS DOWN on Fox News

On Thursday morning, in the final moments of her show, Dana Perino broke down into tears.

The Fox News host who has worked with Fox for quite some time admitted that she had never cried before on television.

Fans immediately backed Perino and the emotion she showed.

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Some of Perino’s supporters claimed that the emotion was a much-needed and rare instance in today’s media world.

Perino came overwhelmed with emotion when she was asked to report on a story about a family who had to bury their own two-year-old due to domestic violence.

The two-year-old was shot ten times by their own estranged and now there is potential that the killer could get bailed out.

During the interview Dana Perino saw the raw and harsh realities of these policies and called for change.

Watch the clip below:

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