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DOUBLE-STANDARD: These anti-Kavanaugh Dems are SILENT about Cuomo…

by Graham Allen Team

This past week recent allegations against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo have come to light from a former state employee. 

The employee named Lindsey Boylan stated that the Governor made several unwanted advances on her throughout her time in the administration. 

Miss Boylan has come forward after another woman confided in her about similar experiences she’s had with the Governor. 

The allegations include unwanted attention, intimidation, and kissing. 

She led her article with the story of how the Governor jokingly suggested that they play strip poker on a flight home from an event. 

One account detailed how the Governor singled her out during an administration holiday party and brought her to his office alone, making several jokes and subtle references to the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. 

Her account details emails and text messages from her time in the administration that show how she felt, seemingly corroborating her story.

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She also claims that other women in the administration have told her “be careful around the Governor.” 

You can find the alleged victim’s complete account in the Medium.com article here.

Strikingly, President Clinton, who famously had a sexual harassment scandal, and employed Governor Cuomo as his Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, has yet to make a statement on this issue.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has said, “any allegation should be reviewed.”

“The president has been consistent in his posit; when a person comes forward, they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Their voice should be heard and not silenced,” Psaki continued.

Miss Boylan claims that the Governor’s administration has leaked confidential information in an attempt to ruin her reputation and discredit her.

The Democrat party that Cuomo belongs to once was a prominent supporter of victims who voiced sexual assault experiences and the “Me Too” movement.

Since these revelations came out, most Democrats have remained silent.

Many Democrats were quick to think Justice Kavanaugh was guilty during his allegations; however, many refuse to comment when Cuomo’s time came.

As far as politicians go, these prominent Senators during Justice Kavanaugh’s hearing have yet to speak out:

Senator Dianne Feinstein

Senator Amy Klobuchar

Senator Mazie Hirono

Senator Patrick Leahy

Senator Cory Booker

Senator Richard Blumenthal

When Senator Elizabeth Warren accused Kavanaugh of “hiding” something, she pretended to care about listening to the victims.


Now Warren declined to comment to this survivor.

The silence coming out of the Democrats right now makes many wonder if the Kavanaugh hearing was only a political ploy.

Bipartisan groups are now calling for an independent investigation into Governor Cuomo.

Whether the Democrats believe sexual assault survivors or not, the Republicans are moving on.

The Republicans are still maintaining that Governor Cuomo is innocent until proven guilty. 

Given the number of charges he could have against him, it’ll be a surprise if nothing sticks.


To read more about Cuomo’s crimes, click HERE.


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