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DUMP TRUMP?: Former Cabinet Member Will NOT Be Joining Trump…

by Graham Allen Team

Next weekend, Donald Trump is expected to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando.

However, he will be speaking without his former Vice President.

Several media outlets are now reporting that Mike Pence has declined to speak at CPAC with Donald Trump.

Some say that the conference and other speakers are still trying to convince Pence to speak at the event.

Politico was the first to report Pence’s controversial decision.

There are several rumors that there could be “bad blood” between the former President and Vice President.

The source of the conflict mainly stems from the events that occurred on January the sixth.

Donald Trump publicly voiced his anger towards Pence when his Vice President chose to certify the election results.

Shortly after, when the chaos at the Capitol ensued, a division grew between Trump and Pence.

Once Biden had been certified, Pence decided to go a different route than Trump.

Mike Pence opted out of attending Donald Trump’s presidential farewell.

The former Vice President also decided to attend Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Many think that the VP chose Biden over Donald Trump’s infamous departure.

All of these instances could be a display of Pence’s bitterness towards Trump.

Former President Trump is supposed to speak on the conservative party’s future, which could get interesting.

Though this may be Trump’s first public appearance in a while, he has still been hard at work down in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Throughout the week, Trump has been meeting with party leaders.

Reports show that Trump could be discussing the future of the Republican party and what going forward might look like.

Sources say Trump met with Brad Parscale, a former campaign manager, for a “lengthy” amount of time.

Trump also let Utah Senator Mike Lee hold a fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago, this past weekend.

CNN reported that Representative Steve Scalise met in private with the former president on Tuesday.

Donald Trump has recently vowed to assist with primary elections during the following season.

Many speculate Donald Trump’s picks for leaders may conflict with McConnell’s.

Senator Mitch McConnell has promised that he plans not to meet with Trump in Florida.

As tension stews between conservative leaders, the former president has made it clear he is moving on, with or without party leadership.

Though not in office, Donald Trump is making sure that both the House and Senate are well fortified by the time 2024 comes around.

If Pence, McConnell, and other politicians don’t want to hop on this new Trump train era, they best find another ride because this Trump train has left the station.


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