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FAIL: Watch Kamala Harris FLOP After Receiving Real Questions…

by Graham Allen Team

It only took one question to put Kamala Harris into an absolute blender.

On NBC’s Today, Vice President Harris completely fumbled Savannah Guthrie’s question about opening schools.

So far, President Biden’s administration has completely failed to assist in reopening America’s schools during the pandemic.

Previously this year, the CDC revealed that schools could slowly reopen even during the COVID-19 chaos.

However, Biden’s loyalty has sided with the teacher’s unions which refuse to return to the classroom.

When Guthrie pressed Kamala Harris, she malfunctioned.

“In the last four weeks, schools are opening, every week more schools are opening, and it is because we are supplementing what needs to happen around the vaccinations getting into states, but also because we are seeing progress, folks are wearing masks when they’re getting vaccinated, when they’re social distancing, we’re seeing progress there,” the Vice President said.

“But we all want the schools to reopen, Savannah, all of us who have children in our lives. They want to go back to school, we want them to go back to school, teachers want to teach,” she continued.

The VP opted out of the science and claimed the CDC’s guidelines are just recommendations.

This is a HUGE change of tune from Kamala’s critique of Donald Trump’s COVID handling.

“Some recommendations include what, again, needs to happen around social distancing, hand-washing, mask-wearing. But the point is that we all want our kids to get back to school as quickly as possible and as safely as possible,” Harris said.

But Guthrie didn’t let Harris get off that easy.

In fact, the host called out the Biden administration for their conflicting rhetoric about opening schools.

“Our goal is as many K-8 schools as possible will reopen within the first 100 days,” Harris responded.

“Our goal is that it will be five days a week, so we have to work to achieve that goal. But our goal is the goal of parents, I mean, here’s the thing, Savannah, I don’t need to tell you, the issue here is not just about statistics, it’s about our kids, it’s about their parents. It’s about the fact that every day our kids are missing essential, critical days in their educational development.”

“We know, we have worked on this issue for years, around the fact that by the end of the third grade, if a child is not at third-grade reading level, they literally drop off,” the VP said.

 “So each day in the life of a child is a very long time, and that’s why we’ve got to collectively do everything in our power to reopen our schools as quickly as possible and as safely as possible,” Harris finished.

The Biden Administration refuses to give the American people concrete answers with substantial results when it comes to opening up schools.

It’s unfortunate to see government officials fumble the future of America so they can get their talking points in.

Watch the full video of Kamala below.

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