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FIRED: Joe Biden Cancels American Jobs

by Graham Allen Team

Joe Biden has had anything but a quiet first few weeks in office.

He made drastic changes to reverse policies that former President Donald J. Trump put into play. 

One of the first executive orders the President signed was to cancel the XL Keystone Pipeline. 

The XL Keystone Pipeline is a 1,179-mile pipeline that safely and efficiently carries crude oil from the Boreal forest in Alberta, Canada, to Steele City, Nebraska. 

The oil is then transported to refineries on the U.S. Gulf Coast. 

One essential benefit of the Keystone Pipeline is that the construction used American resources.

 Instead of relying on foreign countries and companies such as OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries), America made progress towards self-sustaining energy.

Despite the immense profit and help this project brought to America, it has caused legal battles, protests, and political disruption. 

One of the greatest fears surrounding this pipeline is the impact that it will have on the environment. 

Many fear the endangerment of many animals and their habitats. 

This project began in 2008 and cost $8 billion to complete. 

The pipeline created over 28,000 construction jobs and boosted the American economy immensely. 

There is an estimated $30 billion tax and revenue gain generated for future and current Albertans. 

Overall, the XL Keystone Pipeline is a massive benefit to both the Canadian and American economies. 

Small Businesses in both regions supported the pipeline because of the energy supplies and the jobs created from this project. 

America’s economy has taken huge punches during the pandemic, and millions of Americans have already lost their jobs. 

Biden’s executive order has heightened these issues on Americans in just the last two weeks. 

Even members of Joe Biden’s party is second-guessing his decision. 

On Tuesday, Democrat Senator of West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin wrote to President Biden asking him to rethink his executive order regarding the Keystone Pipeline. 

Senator Manchin wrote that “pipelines continue to be the safest mode to transport our oil and natural gas resources and they support thousands of high-paying, American union jobs.”

Senator Manchin expressing some backlash against President Biden’s recent decisions shows just how divided the Democratic party is.

Without the pipeline, over 11,000 jobs have been destroyed, small businesses are suffering, and we have lost our independence in the oil industry due to this one executive order. 

This could be the first of many promises that Joe Biden has already broken from his election cycle.

More updates are sure to come as Biden’s presidency moves progressively towards an American last agenda.


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