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Here’s What the Democrats are SNEAKING Into Their TRILLION Covid Plan…

by Graham Allen Team

Government spending is historically dishonest.

The Democrats’ $1.9 trillion plan to help with COVID relief is no exception.

The Republican Study Committee crafted a three-page memo to their constituents which outlines the government spending.

It is “all the left-wing items Democrats are hoping the public won’t find about,” RSC leaders described their memo.

The Democrats’ COVID funding includes providing “mixed-status” families or families with undocumented immigrants to receive $1,400 in stimulus checks.

Many conservatives are also concerned about the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funding that would go to Planned Parenthood, an abortion clinic.

The funding would provide a $400 increase for those who are unemployed. The author claims this would give a raise to those not working.

The memo claims that funding goes towards ensuring schools stay closed during the pandemic.

The funding would be going towards many types of unions, including the teachers union, which advocates against reopening schools.

The teachers union, among others, would most likely receive $10 million.

Funding like this against reopening schools would dramatically hinder low-income households and families who cannot get sufficient education.

A fractured education system would present long-term side effects that could be detrimental to democratic voters.

The price tag for this kind of funding would be around $130 billion on top of the $110 billion that the education system has already been given.

On page 2 of the memo, it claims that the relief would fund organizations run or controlled by the Communist Party of China. 

The Democrats refused to amend this motion despite the Republican attempt.

The memo also claims that liberals have attempted to sneak in their own personal agenda through several paychecks.

The funding would provide $50 million to environmental justice grants and leftist ecological groups.

PPP funds would also be administered towards violent criminals, including some “guilty of assaulting a police officer and nonconsensual sexual crimes.”

The $1.9 trillion plan would also favor funding towards rural businesses, communities, farmers and ranchers based purely on their race or ethnicity.

The COVID relief plan would also include $800 million in additional foreign aid.

The memo includes many other bullet points that display funds that go to things that most Americans won’t agree with.

Tax-payer money means that American citizens fund it; it seems like the government would prioritize the American tax-payer instead of its special interests.

“The RSC is leading conservatives inside and outside the Beltway in opposition to this so-called ‘relief package.’ The more we learn about it, the worse it sounds,” Representative Jim Banks told Fox News. 

“That’s why we’ve put together a fact sheet to educate Americans exactly how their tax-payer dollars are being spent by Democrats,” the conservative representative said.

Do you agree with the funding plan?

Let us know what you think about the funding plan in the comment section.


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