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Mike Lindell’s Pillow Fight…

by Graham Allen Team

David Hogg recently announced that he would compete against Mike Lindell for the king of pillow sales.

David Hogg, the Parkland school shooting survivor, has become a leading advocate of gun control and an important political figure for the left.

In a tweet last week, Hogg claims, “progressives can make better pillows” than Lindell, and he plans on proving that.

So far, Hogg has said he will work “in an advisory role for the company to focus on school as this is happening.”

Hogg will team up with entrepreneur William LeGate, who is a renowned mobile app developer and entrepreneur.

LeGate recently quit a job at a blockchain-based company to work with Hogg on this new business venture.

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In a recent tweet, he described what the brand’s identity might look like, “Union made in America to create good jobs that support American families. Have an emphasis on supporting progressive causes. Not attempt a white supremacist overthrow of the United States government. So you can sleep at night.”

The brand’s name is still yet to be released. Hogg announced that the title of the company could be released as early as Tuesday evening.

On the other side of the feud, Lindell does not appear to be shaken up by his new competitor.

In a recent text message to Axios, Lindell said, “Good for them … nothing wrong with a little competition that does not infringe on someone’s patent.”

Lindell recently received a permanent ban from Twitter after claiming fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Mike Lindell and his business MyPillow have also become a target for the left’s infamous cancel-culture, especially after the events at the Capitol on January 6.

Many of the nation’s retailers that were carrying Lindell’s products, including Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, Wayfair, and Texas Supermarket H-E-B, are some who have said they would drop MyPillow from their stores and online.

Despite all the blowback, Lindell has not backed off from his claim that the 2020 election was stolen.

Over the weekend, Lindell released a two-hour documentary titled “Absolute Proof”.

The documentary’s goal is to prove that foreign and domestic entities stole the 2020 election and vindicate Lindell once and for all.

“Absolute Proof” provides statements from witnesses, input from experts, and the most critical evidence in one video.

As Lindell’s fight to prove election fraud grows, another fight emerges. This time a pillow fight.


*If you want to support Mike Lindell in his feud against progressive pillow makers, visit www.mypillow.com and use the code: GRAHAM for up to 60% off select items.

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