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PRISON FOR PELOSI?: House Speaker May Have Broken This Law…

by Graham Allen Team

There’s one big “no-no” for members of Congress, and your Speaker of House might have just done it.

Insider trading.

Insider trading is the trading of stocks or corporate shares based on information that is NOT public to people.

This is a criminal offense in many places, and frequently the punishment can be a fine or even jail time.

Several people in Congress have resigned due to insider trading involvement, and many of them have been investigated.

Here’s what we know or what some are claiming to know about Nancy Pelosi.

Some are claiming this to be insider trading, but we are letting the reader and the DOJ decide.

People are now accusing Pelosi of insider trading because of a stock purchase that the Speaker’s husband made.

In December, the House Speaker purchased anywhere between $500,000 and $1,000,000 worth of call options for Tesla.

Just over a month later, President Biden signed an executive order that would lead federal, state, local and tribal governments to utilize “Clean and Zero-emission vehicles.”

This would undoubtedly increase Tesla’s value as it is famous for its American-made electric vehicle manufacturing.

In turn, this would also bring a significant amount of value to the Speaker’s shares as well.

According to the STOCK Act of 2012, Pelosi’s handlings are legal; however, are they ethical?

Pelosi and her husband’s move to invest in a stock that they intend to increase through their administration is not one that should be taken lightly.

Legally, Pelosi might leave this one unscathed, but this is undoubtedly manipulating the loophole within Pelosi’s system.

Some people took to Facebook to voice their own opinions.

“Wow!! What are the odds of that? Talk about luck !! What are the odds?” A Facebook user said.

“IMAGINE THAT! ISN’T THIS CALLED INSIDER TRADING???” another Facebook user wrote. 

Though this isn’t the type of trading that will get you behind bars, it definitely will get you into hot water.

The news cycle evolved, and people must have forgotten about this unethical decision of the House’s United States Speaker.

Voters will have to save their complaints until Pelosi is back up for reelection, then the people will have to decide.


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