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WATCH: Dan Crenshaw DESTROYS Biden’s relief package…

by Graham Allen Team

As Democrats prepare to pass a COVID “relief” package, many conservatives are pointing out that the relief is minimal.

Out of the $1.9 trillion that the Democrats want in the COVID-19 relief package, only $1,400 would go to everyday Americans.

This is a significant pay decrease since the last paycheck of $2,000.

Kevin McCarthy on Fox and Friends Thursday morning said that less than 9% of the bill actually goes to defeating the bill.

For reference, if the funding budget went back to every American taxpayer, each taxpayer would receive roughly over $13,000.

Although taxpayers make up a large part of the funding going back into America, the funds will be dispersed in many other avenues.

Instead of the taxpayer receiving the money they put into America, they will get a fraction of the cut, despite funding the government out of their pockets.

Does Congress really expect America to survive for months underneath their lockdowns with just $1,400?

Well, not all of Congress, Representative Dan Crenshaw, recently had a few words to share about Biden’s MASSIVE budget for COVID-19 relief.

Crenshaw spoke on Wednesday before Congress, during a session of discussion over Biden’s COVID-19 package.

As voting for the funding comes around the corner, the stakes are rising for conservatives who are trying to prevent the rise of any more debt in America.

Representative Crenshaw used his time to destroy every argument that the Democrats had for the funding.

Crenshaw opens by voicing criticism towards the bill, specifically the title of “relief.”

“That’s the name on the bill but the reality is far from it,” Dan Crenshaw said.

The Representative continues to call out the partisan attempt to fund special interests.

There’s not a single sentence that Crenshaw says that doesn’t rip into the hypocrisy of politics.

Crenshaw closes by thanking law enforcement officers and then proceeds to close his speech.

Watch Crenshaw’s full speech destroying the bill below.

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