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by Graham Allen Team

On Wednesday, the previous Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino came crashing down.

The building was once part of Donald Trump’s many casinos throughout the globe.

The implosion of the tower marks a new era for the boardwalk located in Atlantic City.

The implosion only took a few seconds for the 34-story tower to come tumbling down.

The blast was under professional control and was done with a dozen detonated dynamite blasts.

The blast was triggered at around 9:07 a.m. on Wednesday morning.

Mayor Marty Small called the event “exciting, historic and truly a great day in Atlantic City.”

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Mayor Small has promised the redevelopment of the premium property after the delayed demolition finally took place.

During his news conference, Small made sure to announce that the explosion had nothing to do with politics.

Small accredited Trump with bringing lots of success and jobs to the area as well as the casino industry.

The Mayor said the implosion was “not about politics, Donald Trump or President Trump.”

Though Small has been a vocal critic of Former President Donald J. Trump.

“But he was selfish, took advantage of some people, hurt some people….. and stiffed some,” Small said.

The Trump Plaza operated for 30 years; it closed around six years ago in 2014.

Many locals, fans of the Plaza, and haters of President Trump showed up to watch the building fall to the ground.

Dennis Campanella, a crowd go-er, said the event was “something cool to see.”

Campanella went on to say, “It’s Atlantic City. You come here so many times over the years, and you get used to seeing these different buildings. I remember when Trump came through and built up Atlantic City.”

Those who were present for the implosion claimed that some in the crowd started chanting “blow it up.” Most likely people who weren’t fans of Trump.

Mike Meyer of Long Island mentioned some of his emotional attachments to the building.

“I started coming in ’97. I have some emotional ties, me and my ex-wife and stuff, we came down here a lot. So, a lot of good memories. It’s bittersweet, you know? It’s kind of the end of an era for me,” Meyer said.

To Mike Meyer, 45, the Trump Plaza was more than a building.

“So, to see Trump Plaza go is tough for me,” he said emotionally. “I used to come down four, five, six times a year.”

While this building may have destroyed, this is likely a step forward for jobs in the area to repurpose the real estate.

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