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2024: Trump Announces his BIGGEST Hint Yet…

by Graham Allen Team

Left leaning Republicans and the Radical left have fought DESPERATELY to rid America of Donald Trump. Unfortunately, I have some bad news for them: Trump’s not going anywhere.

So far, we know that Donald Trump will be campaigning and working NON-STOP in the primary elections through his Save America PAC, which began 2021 with already a whopping $31 million in the bank.

Aside from advocating for his America First, Trump has once again left open made remarks that he could come back for another race in 2024.

During a interview with Fox News on Wednesday, Trump said he is just waiting to see what happens in 2022 and then he will compile his thoughts and make a decision.

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Watch the scene below:

“We will make our decision after that,” Trump said when pressed about a 3rd Presidential run.

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“Based on every poll, they want me to run again but we’re gonna take a look and we’ll see. First step’s first, we have to see what we can do with the House,” Trump said, a reference to whether the Republicans can close the narrow gap and retake power in the United States House of Representatives.

“I got involved, I worked very hard, I made tremendous amounts of meetings, speeches, and teleconferences and everything else,” the former president said while mentioning that he believes his contributions led to all Republican incumbents winning their races and the flipping of 15 blue seats to the Republican party.

“I think we have a chance of taking back the House, I think we have a chance to do better in the Senate,” Trump added in reference to the Senate which is currently controlled by Kamala Harris’s tie breaking vote.

Trump also took advantage of the fact that under his policies the border was being controlled and secured, which dramatically changed the second Joe Biden took office.

The United States ALSO became energy independent for the first time in decades. Since Biden took over the Oval Office oil and gas prices have been rising after his energy production-killing executive orders.

As for his current plan in the Save America PAC, Trump intends on using it as a financial vehicle to take out RINOs and Republicans who voted to impeach him and convict him, which puts Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming right in his line of fire.

“The more money [Trump] stacks up in his committee, the greater his grip will remain on many elected Republicans who will fear those resources could be turned against them,” Rob Stutzman, a Republican analyst, told Politico.

Fox Business Network added:

The PAC so far has targeted Liz Cheney, one of 10 House Republicans who recently voted to impeach Trump.


A poll it commissioned found that nearly three-quarters of GOP voters and more than 60% of all voters in Cheney’s home state of Wyoming now have an unfavorable view of the congresswoman, reports say.
Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh told Fox News in November that “the president always planned to [fundraise], win or lose, so he can support candidates and issues he cares about, such as combating voter fraud.”


During Trump’s well-received speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference last month, he suggested he would consider running again in 2024 to beat Democrats “a third time.”


He also touted his accomplishments and blasted the Biden administration’s policies, which has resonated well with many Americans who are unsatisfied with Biden’s brief time in the White House.

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***Donald Trump is Waiting On Polling To Run For 2024… Show YOUR Support and Vote NOW by Clicking HERE***

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