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Democrats use ATL Shooting to RACIALLY DIVIDE America- Despite Official Reports…

by Graham Allen Team

A note from the Editor: As a news site we refuse to elevate the shooters’ platform and will not publish pictures or the name of the shooter. Shooters who are involved in mass-killings only want to engrave their name into the history books, it is the least we can do as reporters to NOT report the identity of the coward and therefore not give the attention that they gruesomely strive for.

The man who is responsible for the shooting spree that occurred on Tuesday night has now released his motive. The cowardly shooter has already taken “full responsibility.”

Atlanta massage parlor’s were strategically targeted by the shooter and left eight people dead and one more  person injured, the local authorities said.

The shooter was passing through to Florida and told law enforcement that he intended to carry out more shootings throughout his trip.

While investigations have begun, the law enforcement believes this was NOT a racially motivated attack on Asian Americans.

The shooter has since opened up about his motives and his told police why he felt the need to carry out such a cowardly and despicable attack.

In fact, law enforcement and local Georgia officials have said that the attack was actually sexually motivated instead of the accusations that the shooter would have carried out a hate crime.

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The recent rise in Asian American hate crimes led many to believe that that was the cause of the shooters crimes.

Democrats and many in the media have immediately turned this awful reality into a ‘race based issue’ when the facts clearly say otherwise.

Though the shooter did kill several Asian American’s he has told law enforcement that race had nothing to do with his vile actions.

Law enforcement is saying that the shooter open-fired on locations that he saw as a sexual “outlet for him.”

Officials said in a press conference that the shooter was a sex-addict and did not want to have an ‘outlet’ that would make him succumb to his temptations so he decided to kill innocent civilians.

The depravity of mankind continues to out do itself.

Officials went on to say that the sexual addiction of the shooter seems to be the main cause for his crime and that an answer to a hate crime is just too early to tell in the investigation.

The shooter, in official custody said that he saw the massage parlors as places that would continue his temptations and therefore he had to ‘eliminate them.’

The criminal did NOT resist arrest and answered questions that the law enforcement asked.

He “made indicators that he has some issues, potentially sexual addiction, and may have frequented some of these places in the past,” Cherokee County Sheriff Frank Reynolds told press during a conference.

During the shooters rampage, he managed to stop at multiple locations killing as many people as he could in his wake. If law enforcement had not responded to the scene the shooter may have continued on his killing spree.

Watch the official press conference here:

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims’ families at this time.

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