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Biden Administration CANCELS This Patriotic Event, BUT Kristi Noem Is Fighting Back…

by Graham Allen Team

On Thursday night, the nation watched as President Joe Biden addressed the nation since taking office on January 20th

His address which dealt with the COVID-19 Pandemic detailed his goals for ending the pandemic once and for all. His goals included making vaccinations available to every adult American by May 1.

It also included the goal to allow some gatherings by the 4th of July. However, The New York Post is now reporting that the Biden Administration has moved to CANCEL the fireworks ceremony held at Mount Rushmore.

The National Parks Service, which falls underneath the Biden’s Administration, completely contradicted the announcement of America returning to normal just a short time after Biden’s address to the nation.

Parks Director Herbert Frost denied the request from the South Dakota government to launch the fireworks on the nation’s birthday citing COVID concerns. 

“Potential risks to the park itself and to the health and safety of employees and visitors associated with the fireworks demonstration continue to be a concern and are still being evaluated as a result of the 2020 event,” Frost said in a letter that The Hill reported.

A spokesperson for South Dakota Governor and potential GOP 2024 Presidential candidate, Kristi Noem, told The Hill that she would be “is going to do everything in her ability to ensure that we can celebrate America’s birthday with fireworks at Mount Rushmore.”

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“The best place in America to hold such a special celebration would be Mount Rushmore, fireworks included,” Noem’s spokesperson went on to say.

Canceling the annual celebration comes in stark contrast to the sentiment displayed by the President no more than 24 hours prior. 

Biden’s decision presents yet another big difference to the acts of former President Donald Trump who put so much emphasis on the patriotic event that he even went to Mount Rushmore just to view the fireworks on July the Fourth.

In previous years, the display had been canceled due to legitimate wildfire concerns, but according to the National Park Service, that risk is no longer an issue.

This announcement comes almost too prematurely, as surely the CDC and the National Parks Service will have better data available in the coming weeks and months, especially if President Biden’s vaccine roll out plans actually come to fruition. 

This follows a flurry of concerning remarks by the President regarding his plans to tell Americans “what they can and cannot do once fully vaccinated.”

The government seems to be taking dangerous steps to control the populace, even after they self admittedly believe the risk to COVID will be dropping once more Americans are vaccinated. 

Not only does the government think it knows how to run your life, it thinks it can do that and trample upon the patriotic traditions of all Americans.

Do you think the fireworks display should continue?

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