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Biden’s immigration FAIL leads to COVID-19 Positive Immigrants entering the country…

by Graham Allen Team

Since late January, the Biden Administration released over 100 illegal immigrants that tested positive for COVID-19.

A reporter questioned Jen Psaki about the policy during a press interview.

She responded with the CDC’s guidelines and said, “isolating quarantine is a part of what our recommended health guidelines are and certainly part of what happens at the border when there are symptoms that are displayed and when testing is done.”

The border patrol has stated the exact opposite is happening. These immigrants are not being turned away and are free to go as they please.

Upon entering the United States, US citizens must test negative for coronavirus, but illegal immigrants are free to go.

These illegal immigrants are free to travel anywhere in the United States that they please.

According to Felipe Romero, a spokesman for the border city of Brownsville, the Border Patrol is telling the migrants who tested positive to follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, but they have zero authority to do much more.

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One migrant from Honduras, Miriam Izaguirre, said, “Right now we were tested for COVID and they separated us … because we were positive … We are waiting right now.”

She was let go shortly after.

Izaguirre and those with her expect to board a bus to Houston soon.

According to New York Post, other migrants who tested positive for COVID-19 plan to travel to North Carolina, New Jersey, and Maryland.

Eva Orellana is a migrant from Honduras among these migrants.

She and her 3-year-old daughter plan to ride a bus to North Carolina.

Since entering the White House, Biden has already reversed many of President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

United States Border protection stated in a report last month the border is now experiencing a large surge of migrants and has sent additional agents to the border to deal with the situation.

The left has been infatuated with Governors opening their states and removing mandates but refuse to see the influx of COVID-19 positive illegal immigrants that are freely entering our country.

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Human smugglers and traffickers are also among illegal immigrants that slip through every day.

Sara Carter, a Fox News Contributor, said that the number of undocumented children entering the United States in “2014 was 67,000.”

This year, she added this number is expected to increase to 117,000 undocumented children under Biden.

For more information watch this video below:

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