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BREAKING: Cuomo’s THIRD accuser comes with a PICTURE…

by Graham Allen Team

As mounting pressure grows for Governor Cuomo to resign, his latest accuser comes with proof.

Anna Ruch claimed that Cuomo asked to kiss her at a wedding back during 2019.

This will be the third accuser to claim Cuomo sexually assaulted her.

Since these accusations came about, Cuomo has denied them.

Although Cuomo has admitted to being playful and giving “unwanted flirtation.”

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Despite not taking full responsibility for these accusations, Cuomo has come out and apologized.

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Ruch accused Cuomo of also putting his hands on her lower back.

Should Cuomo resign?

You be the judge, check out the picture below:

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


To read more about Cuomo’s crimes, click HERE.



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