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CRINGE: Chris Cuomo Accused of Being Racist For LIVE TV Comments…

by Graham Allen Team

CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo is joining his big brother in the hot seat after making what some call, “racially insensitive” comments on live television.

Cuomo’s older brother, Governor Andrew Cuomo in recent weeks has faced intense scrutiny after accusations covering up nursing home deaths and sexual harassment came to light.

Governor Cuomo has continued to say that he will not be resigning despite the calls for him to coming from his states’ legislature.

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Chris Cuomo has said that his brother is a conflict of interest and therefore he will not be reporting on his brothers allegations.

While Chris was not reporting on his brother, he and Don Lemon shared a cringeworthy moment that baffled many viewers.

When passing the from one show to another, Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo began singing the theme song to the 1970s show ‘Good Times.’

Watch the two sing together in the video below:

The recorder of this video, who is obviously a fan of the two, left out the most controversial part of the video.

Once finished singing the theme, Chris Cuomo claims that he is actually “black on the inside.”

Since making this claim the internet has erupted in fury.

Watch Cuomo claim a different race in the video below:

In the age of cancel-culture, making a claim like this is not a good idea.

Twitter immediately reacted to the comments and sent backlash to Chris Cuomo.

See how Twitter reacted below:

Some may think that Chris Cuomo’s comments are no big deal; however if it was a conservative commentator many think the scrutiny would be far worse.

Do you think Chris Cuomo is worthy of being canceled?

Let us know in the comment section below.


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