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WATCH: Cuomo Accuser Comes Out in Emotional (and EXPLICIT) Interview…

by Graham Allen Team

In an emotional interview, one of  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s sexual accusers has spoken out.

In only a week three women have come out and said that Cuomo made them uncomfortable in multiple sexual ways.

Cuomo has admitted this week in a press briefing to being playful and giving “unwanted flirtation.”

The Governor of  New York has apologized profusely since then.

Governor Cuomo has also announced that he is not planning on resigning anytime soon.

With mounting pressure, the Governor may change his tune.

This interview could be the tipping point.

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One of the accusers spoke to CBS news on camera for the first documentation of Cuomo’s victims on camera.

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The accuser, Charlotte Bennett, was the Governor’s “Executive Assistant.”

Ms. Bennett has said that Cuomo’s apologies in press conference’s have fallen flat.

She even goes on to call the Governor a text book abuser.

During the early days of the pandemic, Cuomo was the center of attention for his governing in New York.

Bennett believes this made Cuomo feel more like a celebrity and more invincible.

“He felt like he was untouchable in a lot of ways,” Bennett says.

Bennett who claims to be a survivor of sexual assault says that Cuomo brought the subject up often.

“You were raped, you were raped,” Bennett claims Cuomo said to her.

At one point Cuomo invited Ms. Bennett into his office to dictate his thoughts but it did not go according to plan.

The Governor allegedly told Bennett to turn off the recorder and then proceeded to ask Bennett more personal things.

Ms. Bennett went on to say that Cuomo asked her if her sexual assault trauma causes issues when she is “with another person.”

More explicit details can be found in the video below.

This article briefly scratches the surface of what Governor Cuomo did, to learn more refer to past articles.

For more information on these scandals click any of the links below:

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To see Governor Cuomo’s accuser’s interview watch the video below:

What do you think of Cuomo’s accuser coming forward?

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