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WATCH: Cuomo’s LATEST (and emotional) press briefing…

by Graham Allen Team

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Andrew Cuomo has stepped out to speak about COVID amidst calls for him to step down.

The disgraced Governor has not had a press conference since the sexual harassment claims came to light.

Cuomo’s briefing is held in Albany, New York.

The briefing is “canned” and a cowardly way to hold a press briefing.

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Reporters cannot ask him questions but they can request through a Zoom portal.

So far, Fox News has described the briefing as “business as usual.”

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Both Democrats and Republicans in New York are calling for Cuomo’s resignation.

On the Democratic side, even socialists have called for Cuomo to resign or to be impeached.

While some Democrats have voiced concerns about Cuomo, many have stayed silent during the allegations.

Some are drawing a stark contrast between the Democrats who attempted to ruin Justice Kavanaugh’s career over false claims, compared to Cuomo who many have given a free pass to.


Cuomo has now said that his lawyers have told him not to speak about the allegations.

“I’m a lawyer too,” Cuomo said.

“I’m embarrassed, and that’s not easy for me to say,” Cuomo went on to say.

“I never touched anyone inappropriately, I never touched anyone inappropriately,” Cuomo repeated over and over.

Cuomo showed signs of physical emotions and it looked like he even choked up.

“Make the decision once you know the facts,” the Governor said.

After a reporter asked him if Cuomo thinks he should step aside due to the distraction of both investigations that are currently going on.

Cuomo said that he would be doing the budget despite the investigations.

Cuomo admitted to finding hundreds of photos of him kissing, men, women and children.

“Its my customary way of greeting people,” the Governor said.

When a reporter asked Cuomo if today was the day he would resign the Governor said this:

“Today is not a day for politics … I will represent the people who elected me not the politicians … It’s the nature of the beast.”

Cuomo claimed that he never knew he would make anyone uncomfortable with his unwanted gestures.

He told reporters he could not assure that more victims wouldn’t come out, but he did say that he knows his intention was never in a disrespectful manner.

A reporter asked Cuomo if how he would handle someone with the accusations that Cuomo received.

So far, reporters are not taking it easy on the Governor, a different turn of events from what the media tends to be like.

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Watch live below:



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