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DECLINE: 4 Short Years Ago And Biden Looks SHOCKINGLY Different…

by Graham Allen Team

During one of Sean Hannity’s most recent shows, the commentator GRILLED the President for his visual mental and physical decline.

Hannity point blank asked his viewers if there was something ‘medically wrong’ with the President of the United States.

Hannity claims that Biden’s incredibly light schedule, silence during press briefings and refusal to hold a joint session address, all could be reason for serious mental or physical decline.

The Fox News host went on to cite several photos that display what appears to be significant drop in Biden’s health. Hannity argues that viewers and listeners can notice the distinct difference with just two out of their five senses.

“Truth be told, Joe had nothing to do with the $1.9 trillion payoff bill. Joe is not totally fine. Our sources say panic has set in at the White House,” Hannity claimed.

“He’s struggling to keep his focus. He’s digging in deep, locking in just to get through those prepared remarks. He does one of these a day and looks like he needs a nap,” said the host.
But as the rant went on, Hannity began to dig harder into the White House and Biden for their lack of transparency with the American people.
“What is going on with the President of the United States of America? Is there something medically wrong here? We have a right to know, ” he demanded.
While the President is slated to deliver a prime time address on Thursday night, Hannity says that he sees straight through Joe Biden’s facade.
“He will have practiced all day today. It will be a short, scripted speech. They will make the font really, really big so he doesn’t really have to squint,” Hannity said.
Hannity goes on to close his with his audience using a damning argument. The host tells viewers that people will claim that Joe Biden is fine when he is really not. However, those people aren’t looking at the EVIDENCE that Sean Hannity brings to the table.
“The only problem is, he didn’t have it in 2016, or 2012, and when did this problem start to emerge?” Hannity states.
By looking into the past, and seeing where Biden was compared to now, Hannity claims that this is plenty of evidence to see a mental and physical health decline.
In the clip below Hannity documents the dramatic decline through the years.

Watch the SHOCKING comparison in the video below:

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