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DEMOCRAT EXODUS: Socialism Causes MASS Exit Of Democrats

by Graham Allen Team

A new report shows that normal Democrats are leaving their party in Nevada due to the dramatic progressive swing that is going on.

Staffers at the Nevada Democratic Party have resigned after a wave of socialists have taken key positions in the party.

The Hill is reporting that the decision came after Bernie Sanders supporter, Judith Whitmer, won the seat and won control over two other high ranking seats in an election.

Upon taking office, the party’s new chair moved money totaling $450,000 to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, leaving the party with less than $100,000.

This budget handling style is a key difference between moderate and socialist Democrats.

It is important to note that Nevada was one of the key states President Biden won in his election bid over President Trump but only by a slim margin. The final certified election count had Biden over Trump by just 3 percent.

Democrats also hold the power in both of their Senate seats and in the state legislature. Both a U.S. Senate seat (Senator Cortez Masto) and all State Senate seats will be up for election in 2022.

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The Hill goes on to say that the abandoning of these party allegiances could be a sign for trouble for Democrats in the state forward.

The news outlet goes on to say that the progressive nature that currently resides in the Democratic party may be a cyclical problem for their party across the country.

If Democrats overcompensate to the progressive or “woke” movement, they may lose their moderate base to the Republicans or Libertarians.

Candidates such as, Libertarian patriarch Ron Paul, became popular for less liberal Democrats and open-minded conservatives meet in the middle.

Nonetheless, the division in Nevada could be a perfect time for Republicans to sneak in and win the state back to their party.

Senator Cortez Masto, who has supported broad government spending and the Affordable Care Act, will most likely be a target for the National Republican Senatorial Committee who has already launched ads against her.

This move by the state party towards socialism will likely be used against her and could end up handing Nevada back into the hands of the Republican party.

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