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DRAINING THE SWAMP: Donald Trump’s 2022 endorsements SO FAR

by Graham Allen Team

Here’s who Donald Trump has endorsed SO FAR.

Donald Trump clearly stated in his CPAC speech that his involvement in politics is FAR FROM OVER.

Trump’s advisors recently gave more insight into what the former President is planning on doing.

Click here to read about the political action committee that Donald Trump is planning to start.

Donald Trump plans to use this PAC to further his “America First” agenda even though he won’t be in public office.

Trump’s mission is to endorse candidates running for seats that Donald Trump either wants to flip or get rid of someone he thinks is in the “swamp.”

During his four years as President, Trump encountered many politicians who lobbyists and other power-hungry groups bought.

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Donald Trump wants to rid Congress of any elected official who has sold out their constituents for their own gain.

Currently, the Senate is almost equally divided, so winning the Senate could mean only one or two seats to win in the 2022 races.

The House of Representatives is similar.

In 2020, the GOP picked up several seats and is expected to flip the House of Representatives back in 2022 at the rate they are winning at.

If all the Republicans need is for Donald Trump to campaign for a handful of seats until 2022, you can bet he will be there.

Since his speech and announcement about his new plans, Donald Trump is full steam ahead and hard at work.

Now Donald Trump has released his latest set of endorsements.

Last Thursday, Donald Trump endorsed Kansas Senator Jerry Moran.

The Associated Press reported that this early endorsement would secure an easy win in his 2022 races.

Kelly Arnold, a former state GOP chairman, called Trump’s endorsement “a golden ticket.”

“I think this can shut the door on that; this is a pretty big get,” Arnold continued.

Donald Trump almost endorsed an Ohio congressional seat candidate but opted out.

Ronna McDaniel, the GOP Chairwoman, went to Mar-a-Lago to encourage an endorsement of Jane Timken in the Ohio Senate race.

Trump mysteriously backed out.

His advisors claim that an endorsement for this seat was “too early” in the race.

Timken, who is reportedly an ally to John Kasich, a left-leaning Republican who is good buddies with Biden, will have to prove her Republican loyalty in the race a bit more for a Trump endorsement.

Donald Trump also announced that he would be endorsing a Senator from South Carolina.

Senator Scott is a solid conservative who has defended Trump on many occasions, yet some supporters seem unhappy.

What do you think about Donald Trump’s endorsements?

Let us know YOU approve of in the comment section below.


To read about Donald Trump’s Super PAC game plan, click HERE.

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