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GREEN SCREEN?: Twitter ROARS With Jokes After Biden’s Mic Appears FAKE…

by Graham Allen Team

Biden RARELY has a good moment when it comes to his interactions with reporters and his latest is NO exception.

The President has been avoiding Press Conferences for over FIFTY days and still refuses to deliver a State of The Union address.

Despite rushing plenty of legislation through his office and Congress Biden still has yet to make consistent appearances in which he delivers remarks to reporters and the American people.

The White House still is stalling on bringing answers to the CRISIS at the border, and many reporters have demanded some kind of answer.

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In a recent video, Biden goes to talk with reporters and give an answer to their team, but something is a little FISHY…

A reporter pressed Biden about his issue at the border and asked him if we was going to travel to the border and bring answers to the kids-in-cages policy that he flip flopped on.

“Do you have any plans to travel to the southern border?” One of the reporters asked.

Here’s how he responded…

Did you catch that?

Look at the bottom left and you’ll see what many people are calling a green screen, Biden’s hand goes through the mic.

The clip shows Biden’s hand over a microphone and the image looks a little distorted.

Not convinced? Here’s another angle that looks a little suspect too…

Here’s a still of one of the shots:

We aren’t going to make a claim on what went on in the video, we are just merely reporting on what happened and what people are saying.


This is how Twitter responded:

What are your thought’s on Joe Biden’s comments AND microphone???

Let us know in the comment section below…

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