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HYPOCRISY: Pelosi Hints At OVERTURNING GOP House Victory In 2020 Election…

by Graham Allen Team

Apparently overturning results for election is only “treasonous” when the Republicans do it, and this story proves it.

According to media outlet, Epoch Times, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is open to overturning a close Republican victory in an Iowa Congressional district from the November 3rd election.

GOP Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks of Iowa, defeated Democrat Rita Hart by a slim six votes. That small margin made House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hint at overturning the results of their loss.

Here’s what the Epoch Times reported:

“When asked about a scenario in which Democrats would unseat Miller-Meeks, Pelosi said it was a “hypothetical” situation but later said it’s possible that it could happen.

“Well, I respect the work of the committee,” she told reporters in her weekly press conference. “I did see, as you saw in the press, what they decided to—and they were following my, as I read it, the requirements of the law as to how you go forward. And how you go forward is the path you’re on and we’ll see where that takes us. But there could be a scenario to that extent. Yes.”

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It came after the House Committee on House Administration dismissed a motion filed by Miller-Meeks to dismiss Hart’s election contest.

“The margin separating the two candidates was only six votes out of almost 400,000 cast: less than 1/6 of 1 percent. That’s six votes—not 6,000; not 600; not 60 or even 16—just six fewer votes than we have members of this committee,” Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.), the head of the committee, told the panel’s members. She added: “It should not be surprising that any candidate in these circumstances—with a margin this close—would seek to exercise their rights under the law to contest the results.”

“Under the Federal Contested Elections Act of 1969, the House has the ability to decide close congressional races on its own aside from the courts,” Jack Phillips of the Epoch Times reported.

The act reads as follows:

“Consistent with these Supreme federal election law and policy, legislative procedure, and Court rulings, the House, in considering contested elections, constitutional provisions regarding congressional authority has at times accepted state counts, recounts, or other state over House elections and membership”

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This is still a developing story, BUT don’t ever put it past the Democrats to attempt to pick up another House seat even if it means turning their back on the hard stance they took against overturning election results.

Pelosi’s leadership fueled an abundance of division during the 2020 election cycle for what the Republicans claimed to be results that may have been skewed.

Republican leadership in Congress never called for anything more in the 2020 election but a closer inquiry to the results.

Pelosi claimed that their inquisition on the 2020 election was an ‘attack on democracy.’ However, her latest claims seem to contradict her previous thoughts.

If two months ago Nancy Pelosi agreed to legally contest election results it would have saved the country a whole lot of division.

While Nancy Pelosi stands firm on her previous claims that the 2020 election results that favored Democrats was fair, she now is changing her tune when a Republican won the seat.

This is a common side effect of career politicians who flip flop to the rhetoric that suits them best. Yet another reason why many Americans advocate for term limits.

What do you think about Pelosi’s comments?

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