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LEADER?: Illegal Immigrants Numbers SHOCKING- 56,000% Increase and more…

by Graham Allen Team

Over the past few weeks, border officials and politicians by border states have been trying to raise awareness for the crisis at the border.

Despite the White House’s attempt to completely downplay the catastrophe at the border, leaked images and growing calls to find a solution at the border are only becoming more and more prominent among both parties.

Biden’s latest move to ‘solve’ the chaos that continues to ensue at the border is to have his own Vice President serve as the ‘border Czar.’ However, the Biden administration has already let so many people into the United States that crossed over illegally, it might be difficult for Kamala to get a grip on the situation

Kamala Harris faced intense backlash after she was filmed laughing at the border situation. Watch the video below:

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Since the new border czar is certainly not taking the situation seriously, it’s hard to imagine that she will be able to help reduce the amount of illegal immigrants that have already entered the country.

So far, in just two months, Biden’s “welcome” call to illegal immigrants has added more than 23 THOUSAND illegal immigrants into the United States.

Here’s what Breitbart had to report:

Between February 1 and March 22, Biden’s DHS released nearly 23,430 border-crossers into the U.S. interior after apprehending them at the United States-Mexico border, the data shows.


For context, the totals indicate the Biden administration has released a foreign population into the U.S. via the southern border that is more than double the population of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.


Likely hundreds, potentially thousands, more border crossers have been released by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, the figures for which Breitbart News has not received at the time of this publication.


From March 1 to March 22, alone, Biden’s DHS released nearly 15,600 border-crossers into the U.S. interior. DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas previously suggested border crossers receive testing for the Chinese coronavirus before their release, though the agency has yet to confirm any such testing and quarantine requirements.


In the final full three months of the Trump administration, for instance, DHS released just 42 border crossers into the U.S. interior. Compare that to Biden’s rate — a nearly 56,000 percent increase in the Catch and Release program.

A SHOCKING increase. Biden’s 56,000 percent increase is damning evidence that proves Donald Trump’s policies really did work.

Biden himself actually suggested that he may return to Donald Trump’s immigration policies in a complete ACCIDENT. Watch the video below:

Biden also bowed to the cancel culture and removed congressional funding towards a border wall which needed now more than ever. Some lawmakers say that Biden removing this funding may even be a criminal offense.

So far, not so good. BUT Biden will be speaking with reporters on Thursday for his first press conference which is sure to get heated. The live press conference will be held at 1:00 p.m. and you can watch it here with live gaffe updates and commentary.

Do you think Trump’s policies were better than Biden’s?

Let us know in the comment section below!

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