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LOST?: Biden Looks Aloof While Attempting to Evade Reporters

by Graham Allen Team

In a PR campaign attempt, Joe Biden visited a local mom and pop store on Tuesday.

However, the photo-op did not go exactly as planned.

Biden awkwardly wonders around the country store and talks with the store’s staff.

“I also say we are the greenest hardware store in America. We have two urban farms in our building… they exist on our rooftop. But you’re not going to be able to see it from here, but if you want to give a wave…” The store-worker told the President.

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“I see ’em. Don’t jump, we need you,” Biden said in what appears to be a joke.

Biden continues to observe his surroundings with long awkward pauses before reporters attempt to get some answers in.

Biden has gone almost 50 days without holding a formal press conference and reporters are losing their minds.

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The Biden administration has done many inflammatory things during their first few weeks, but Biden has yet to speak to the journalists in a formal setting.

Biden’s staff tried to push reporters away so that he didn’t have to face the question’s, but some eked their way in.

“The crisis at the border, sir!” one reporter shouted, attempting to get Biden’s attention.

“Let’s go, guys. Let’s go. Come on guys, let’s go,” Biden’s staff demanded at the reporters.

It appears that Biden’s border crisis is overshadowing the White House’s attempt for a photo-op.

Biden and his team have refused to deem the catastrophe at the border a “crisis” despite the historical influx of illegal immigrants.

Even as the White House tries to evade reporters and reality, Biden’s team stands no chance at sweeping anything under the rug.

Watch the entire scene below:

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