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Mike Pence WILL SPEAK, Here’s the Time and Place…

by Graham Allen Team

The former Vice President has announced that he will be a key note speaker at a speaking event.

This will be Mike Pence’s first public speaking engagement since leaving the White House in January.

Many are speculating that Mike Pence could open up more about his potential political future.

Pence left the White House not on the best terms with President Trump.

Sources claim that some intense words were exchanged between the two and there has been minimal communication since.

The former Vice President decided not to attend Donald Trump’s farewell address that took place on Inauguration Day.

Pence also decided to attend Joe Biden’s inauguration even though Donald Trump opted out.

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That wouldn’t be the last time that Pence changed directions with Trump, he also opted out of speaking at CPAC 2021.

Donald Trump delivered a fiery speech at CPAC 2021 and further established his reign as leader of the conservative movement.

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An aid close to Mike Pence told the Associated Press on Sunday that Pence would be talking about the “condition of anonymity.”

Pence who has remained mostly quiet since Joe Biden’s inauguration recently released an op-ed on election security.

Pence talked about the Democrats’ attempt to hurt voter integrity which raise many eyebrows due to his former decisions.

To read about Mike Pence’s article click HERE.

Mike Pence’s first major address will take place in the State of South Carolina, which politically speaking could hint at something much bigger.

South Carolina, which is a huge state to campaign in for Presidential elections could be a place that Pence might pick up a decent base.

Mike Pence is certainly among the top contenders of 2024 Republican Presidential candidates if Donald Trump were to decide not to run for President again.

Among top contenders are, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, Senator Ted Cruz, Mike Pompeo, Kristi Noem and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Speaking in South Carolina state may be a major sign at Pence putting out feelers for an upcoming Presidential run.

The speech will be held at an April 29th dinner in which Mike Pence will be a key note speaker.

TheĀ  dinner is put together by the Palmetto Family Council and will be held at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center.

What do you think about Mike Pence as a Presidential candidate?

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