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Mississippi RETALIATES to Biden’s Attack On Women’s Sports

by Graham Allen Team

The House of Representatives and Senate in the State of Mississippi has passed a bill to BAN transgender athletes from competing on girls’ teams.

The bill passed with an OVERWHELMING majority at a final vote count of 81-28.

Seven of the Representatives voted “present,” which goes neither for nor against the bill.

Six other Representatives opted out of voting on the bill.

The Mississippi State Senate also voted with a large majority to ban the athletes.

Mississippi State Senate is majority run by Republicans who voted 34-9 back on February 11th.

Four of those Senators voted “present.”

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Another five senators did not vote at all.

The athletic ban would apply to sports teams in state schools and in universities.

The bill is now headed to the desk of the Republican Governor Tate Reeves.

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The bill’s fate depends on if Reeves signs it into law or if he will veto and send it back.

Reeves is expected to sign the bill into law.

This is a massive pushback from the state of Mississippi to President Joe Biden.

On Joe Biden’s first day in office, the President signed an executive order which allowed students to compete in sports regardless of biology.

Athletes could then chose the gender they want and compete with that gender.

Bipartisan outrage spewed throughout America, and many called it an attack on women’s rights.

Mississippi isn’t alone; 25 other states are fighting back against Biden’s executive action.

Many of them could be instituting legislation.

Simple math shows that that is half of the states in America.

Is this the unity President says that he is restoring in America?

Many women in America don’t think so.

Check out this video about the women who are fighting for their freedom against President Biden:

Do you think Trans athletes should be able to pick the gender they compete in?

Tell us why or why not in the comment section below.


To watch the White House censor Biden, click HERE.

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