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Montana Leads The Way In Pro-2A Laws

by Graham Allen Team

The Montana State Legislature recently passed, and the governor signed a law allowing the concealed carry of weapons throughout the state without a permit.

The Constitutional Carry measure was passed along party lines and added Montana to a list with 14 other states that allow for permit-less carry.

At the bill signing, Montana Governor Gianforte said, “Every law-abiding Montanan should be able to defend themselves and their loved ones.”

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According to the Montana Free Press, the law calls for concealed carry in any place other than “secure law enforcement facilities, federal buildings, courtrooms and K-12 schools”.

It also allows for concealed carry in public universities permitted that students take classes and necessary safety precautions such as gun locks.

Students will not be allowed to carry at sporting
events or other places where armed guards are present.

However, the sponsor of the bill Seth Berglee said, “The citizens of Montana have the ability to defend themselves, and I trust them with that responsibility.”

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The Montana Free Press also notes that the bill may be in conflict with the directive of the Board of Regents’ prerogative to govern public universities, potentially setting up a legal battle to overturn the law.

The law takes effect in June.

Passing this law is a significant step forward for advocates of the Second Amendment.

Especially when it comes to the uphill battle 2A supporters will have against the Biden administration; this law will be HUGE for the states that have it.

The beauty of states’ rights is that individual states have the right to govern based on what their constituents think and not what the Biden administration wants to pass.

It also may open up other states such as Texas to the possibility of adding constitutional carry provisions to their constitutions.

Here’s how some Twitter users reacted:

Do you think Montana is on the right track?

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